Secure finance document management solutions

Kleeto provides secure digital solutions that organise your finance documents and processes. With easy accessibility and automated processes, managing finance documents has never been simpler.
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Before Kleeto, managing finance documents was inefficient and expensive


Incomplete Invoices

Invoices with ambiguous information might cause unnecessary back-and-forth between your company and the client.


Delayed Payments

Delinquent payments result in late fines and the loss of discounts, which can amount to hundreds or millions in lost savings.


Loss of Physical Documents

Collecting the physical documents can be a tedious and time consuming task.


Wet Signatures

It takes a lot of time to get the finance documents signed and approved in pen and paper with all the various clients involved.

We offer more than what you see


Document Generation

Generating, storing, and archiving finance documents in Kleeto's DMS facilitates collaboration both locally and remotely with quick and easy sharing.


Invoice Processing

Kleeto's Invoice Processing Solution is a specialized, integrated, and customizable platform for centrally managing your organizations’ invoices.


Notification and Reminders

Possibility of sending notification and reminders helps finance teams stay compliant with finance processes.


Mailroom Services

Use Kleeto's mailroom services to support your processes.

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With Kleeto, you can easily organise
all your documents.

Kleeto streamlines critical document management via automated solutions.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Yes, different types of access rights can be given to different users.

We have real time-data backup at separate locations within our multilevel secure private cloud.

Yes, Scanning can be done depending on the volume, however, digital images have to be transferred to Kleeto’s processing centre for indexing, tagging, final upload and access.

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We aim to continuously improve the standard for customer experience by using the internet and technology to make it easier for consumers to search for, access, and streamline document management.