About the company

At this time, when governments and economists are calling for the entrepreneurial spirits and environment activists are talking about the urgency to make the world go more green, KLEETO feels proud of it's initiative to achieve both. Nurturing a greener planet (by reducing paper usage drastically) while boosting the economy and employment (through its entrepreneurial ethos), KLEETO's safe and efficient solutions , backed by a winning business model helps organization to move from KLIPPING TO KLICKING.

Sanjay has kaleidoscopic experience of managing corporations - be it leading Aricent or founding Inkra Networks or leading strategy, development, sales and management at Netopia, StarNet and AMD.
Sunil Mahajan, an Indian Institute of Science graduate is an innovation leader in the domain of technology. He leads his projects with a zeal & vision that consistently goes beyond tangibles.
Naresh Chand has immense experience in both product & project development for domains like Telecom VAS, Data Networking, Telecom Networking, and Network Management domains.

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