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  • By Adiran Mathew

Document management for GDPR compliance

Digital data has become one of the profitable commodities in today’s connected world. With businesses gathering a high amount of personal data about clients, regulatory bodies are enforcing penalties for breaking them. The businesses started facing the repercussions of data protection laws after the introduction of the General Data Protection Regulation(GDPR).

What is GDPR?

GDPR is a helpful idea to review several technologies used in the organization and help your business to comply. GDPR and document management systems go hand-in-hand and form a system wherein they can achieve remarkable development with overall development of your company.

According to conducted research, around 92% of businesses use the database to store electronic information on a prospect. GDPR impacts sales, customer service, and marketing, which needs to get handled professionally. document management system allows businesses to have a well-defined purpose for the maintenance of data.

How does Kleeto’s document management help with GDPR compliance?

  • Right to forget
  • Under the new GDPR rules, everyone has the right to request the deletion of personal data. Even the process is accessible when there is no compelling reason for continued processing. When you search for paper files of any other unstructured files, it is difficult to find them when stored manually. However, by considering an electronic document management system, you can efficiently address any document in a timely fashion.

  • Privacy by design
  • Many businesses can find themselves to a particular obligation to consider data privacy and maintenance of an information system. That is why; training employees is a crucial step in the stage of business achievement. An information management system helps in ensuring that everyone is working effectively. It helps in maintaining GDPR compliance with all the adequate human resources regulations as well as personnel roles. The role-based security, along with audit trails, maintain confidentiality terms required for controlling HR documents and files confidentiality.

  • Determine access
  • Everyone should not have equal access to employee data. It is necessary to determine which employee in an organization needs to access personal data. By having the control to manage that assessment, you can manage HR documents effectively. The document management system allows HR to become more strategic by providing end-to-end solutions.

    Management of document storage to comply with GDPR

    By considering a document management system, you can organize and control various documents across the business. The HR manager can store all the files at one location by using a document management system. Moreover, you can be confident of all data found by ensuring GDPR compliance.
    GDPR rules signify practical data security ideas from the thought of privacy by design. It involves deletion of unnecessary data, minimize the collection of personal data, restricting access, and securing vital information through its complete lifecycle. It consists of the maintenance of three main pillars of business:

  • Customer data
  • Employee data
  • Documents
  • A document management system helps in storing, retrieving, and managing electronic records effectively. It helps in scanning electronic images of paper-based information and ensures approval of document workflow. Ultimately you can go with document management system strategies to control and organize documents.

    Put your HR on track with a document management system for GDPR compliance

    GDPR is an excellent opportunity to make the right decision and put data effectively in all aspects of your business. The document management system helps you to rethink how to store, acquire, and maintain data effectively. Several businesses going through the procedure of meeting GDPR compliance will boost up productivity as well as performance. Along with it, the document management system increases trust among employees as well as customers that come from organization.

  • Employers need to carefully assess HR-related processing activities by identifying the gaps with GDPR compliance.
  • The document management system helps in updating their current process.
  • It becomes easy to implement the required mechanisms to comply with new procedures. The adequate changes will require a proper time investment to ensure data processing.
  • The document management system helps manage the entire business processes anywhere and at any time.
  • You can maximize business profits along with better customer service by considering a document management system.
  • Kleeto’s document management system stores, manages and even tracks electronic images and documents as well. With the use of a document management solution, paper-based information can also manage effectively.