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  • By Adiran Mathew

Importance to maintain confidential information in firms

Data security is always a crucial part of business, especially for B to C companies and legal firms. The need for adequate information security is of critical importance for lawyers and law firms who are continually entrusted with sensitive information. In today’s time, it is vital to ensure that intellectual property and confidential data of clients are secure.

An important step in any management system to safeguard the information is document imaging. It is safe to say that no firm is immune to attackers and loss of crucial information if large corporations with expensive security systems get hacked. Securing information is not a thing for one time; instead, it is an ongoing process as threats keep on changing constantly.

Necessity to keep information secure

Cybercriminals or hackers are targeting law firms more as compared with past years. Breaches have become a standard partly due to which most law firms are beginning to recognize the necessity of significant data security practices. Theft or data loss can lead to substantial reputational damage as well as financial penalties.Hence,it is essential to implement proper information security measures for avoiding a potential data breach.

Many law firms store valuable data in unsecured locations, which makes it easy for criminals to plan data theft. The primary threat to the data security of a firm is an uneducated attorney who does not have information on how to handle technology. Being an attorney, it is a legal plus ethical obligation to keep the knowledge of the client safe and confidential.

  • It is a crucial part of the professional responsibility to keep the data of clients safe and secure.
  • The comprehensive and efficient keeping of sensitive information is necessary to handle both general and professional legal obligations.
  • By considering the information management system, the firm can eliminate any discrepancies that arise from an intended or fallible system. The document management system can provide a wide range of services to manage private and sensitive business information.
  • Most of the practices have a protocol for addressing suitable current documents. However, if the case gets closed, then documents need to get appropriately stored or indexed safely. The firms must take critical steps for ensuring that confidential information is kept at a safe place through a document management system.

    Kleeto’s Workflow management to secure your law firm’s information

  • Focus on security-conscious firm culture
  • Data security needs to be the main concern for everyone in a law firm. It is necessary to show leadership regarding the importance of keeping data secure. However, ongoing training for everyone infirm can be helpful to client information. The training should include awareness of preventing information transmission on social media. Along with it, one should test all the possible ways to check where employees can breach security or not.

  • Passwords
  • It is practical to avoid reusing the same password for multiple accounts in the firm. You need to change passwords regularly. By using a strong password, which includes the combination of numbers, letters, and symbols, you can ensure data security. Along with it, it becomes mandatory to change the defaults for better information security. Usually, the default passwords and user IDs for hardware or software installations are well-known for cybercriminals. Moreover, smartphones that contain sensitive data should get locked with a highly secured password.

  • Maintain policies and security training
  • It is beneficial for the firm to create social media as well as incident-response strategy. If the firm does not allow any employee who is not yet working in a company to access the network, then they can save confidential information. By creating a mobile-device policy, you can maintain data security. In addition to it, providing ongoing security training to the firm’s employees is beneficial for maintaining the security of confidential information.

    Kleeto’s Document management systems for firms should include transmission, storage, maintenance, and destruction of the client’s data. The information stored electronically or in hard copy needs to be safe for maintaining the confidentiality policy.

    Client data management is an integral part of business management. In today’s time, data is one of the vital commodities in the information age. It is essential for the firm as well as its clients that all the data gets appropriately verified and secured from any outside procedure.