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  • By Adiran Mathew

Protect unauthorized file sharing: Go through with encryption key access

Around 46% of employees store confidential information on their sync apps or personal file-sharing ways. It is beneficial for companies to have control in various ways that employees share information across departments. To enhance efficiency and productivity, numerous employees use unauthorized applications to exchange files. Such practices can expose networks to data loss, cyber-attacks, and potential compliance violations.

37% of the data breaches are due to cybercriminals and the sharing of unauthorized files caused by the human factor,according to the research .It is easy to share files with clients or other employees. Some of the ways to share business files include personal emails, consumer service systems,etc. All these methods pose high- security risks to the business. Encryption keys help in protecting you in receiving, sending, and storing the data. It can include text messages, banking information, client’s data, and many more.

How do encryption keys work?

According to a survey, 60% of employees admitted that their organization has no specific policies that prohibit the use of file sharing solutions for storing as well as sharing documents. Encryption refers to the process of scrambling data into an unreadable format, which is known as ciphertext. It helps in securing the stored data on computer systems as well as confidential data transmitted through the internet. When the receiver acquires the data, it gets transformed back to its original form and it is known as the decryption process.

Around 14% of employees agree that their company does not follow a thorough policy for protection of data.Under such circumstances, it becomes necessary for companies to increase awareness amongst their employees. Kleeto develops a document management system that comes with its set of encryption keys. An encryption key is the sequence of numbers that get used to encode data or decrypt it. The encryption keys are developed with the use of algorithms. When the encrypted key gets used to encode legal files for a long time then it can store more data safely. For controlling the sharing of files at every process, an organization needs to manage to analyze all sensitive file-sharing techniques that require encryption.

How to protect encryption key access?

Encryption key technology is one of the safest features beneficial for protecting your data. The use of encryption keys secured email, web data, texts, and many more. A document management system enables users or clients to send and receive information without fearing anything. Moreover, along with data security, encryption key management is also critical for businesses. There are only a few managers in the company who have access to encryption keys. It helps in storing encrypted data safe and secure, which maintain confidential data.


Business managers have the right to change the encryption algorithms. It means that encryption keys are inclined to escalate when they pass through active lifestyle use, or replacement, and even deletion. It is useful for the business to follow encryption keys or document management systems to handle data safely. Not all the team members of the company have access to manage encryption keys. That is why; it helps in keeping data safe and secure for future use.

How encryption key accesses protect confidential data?

Hackers always attack networks, servers, and devices to gain access to business information. To protect sensitive data, Kleeto has designed various cybersecurity tools to keep hackers out of networks and your systems. However, it does not have any guarantee that such policies will never fail.

  • Secure encryption can protect the exposure of data by falling into the wrong hands. Encryption keys help in protecting data by converting information into a cipher.
  • In addition to it, encryption keys can be used to identify the origin of data, plus you can determine if data has altered or not.
  • Maintaining or handling the data encryption key is a crucial part of any encoding strategy. It is because, with the use of encryption keys, any criminal can return data into the original state.
  • That is why; the organizational manager must install an encryption key management system that consists of exchange, use, generation, storage, destruction, and even replacement of keys.
  • Encryption keys should get stored in a safe location for securing any shattering and theft as well. Thus only a few among businesses are aware of encryption keys, which help in preventing unauthorized file sharing.