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Kleeto also processes documents for legal, CRM, procurement , operations, etc..

Legal – Agreements, MOUs, Addendums, Annexures, Affidavits, etc

CRM - Loan files, Builder files, Patient Files, etc..

Procurement – Purchase Orders, Invoices, Payments, Acquisition Documents, etc..

Operations – Material management, Delivery Records, Quality Records,

Kleeto processes legal documents, CRM, pertaining to agreements, NDAs, litigations etc.

Kleeto , CRM documents

Intelligent Access Control

The structure of the folders can be made in such an intelligent way that the access to view documents can be controlled against any unauthorised admittance..


Document Level Storage & Customized File View

Information can be stored at document level and the file view can be customised for specific view by the users.


Online Generated Compliance

Compliance can be generated against a mandatory checklist. This compliance report can be published online for the users.