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About Kleeto

KLEETO is founded with the vision of simplifying your paper management and ultimately reduce the usage of paper to the bare minimum working towards a greener world.

KLEETO is an end to end document management company helping corporates in digitizing their physical records and giving an online access to these digitized documents through KLEETO’s inhouse developed DMS for instant access to information. KLEETO also helps store physical documents in physical document warehouse.

Consider the number of documents which get generated in any organization. And the kind of risks they are exposed to every day: loss, theft, termites, dust and moisture.

The biggest challenge faced by corporates is the access to the documents. With KLEETO, you can rest assured by giving these documents where they will be stored with the utmost standards of security, indexed for easy access within seconds and delivered to your office on demand.

Company Profile

Kleeto is a brand with a vision.

When environmentalists and economists talk about the need for entrepreneurship for creative and imaginative solutions for a greener world, it isorganisations such as KLEETO that are turning this into a reality. In this vision of a greener and thus paperless world, KLEETO is that first step. KLEETO is also founded with an even bigger goal - to fulfil a critical customer need and provide a safe, efficient solution which is backed by a winning business model. In fact,

, KLEETO takes organisations from from “clip” to “click” in a very real sense with all the assorted benefits attached therein. If you have been clipping and filing your documents till now, as we all have been, you don’t need to anymore

We offer a business model which has a sound ecological and economic foundation, which makes it almost irresistible for you to invest in our services: safe storage of all kinds of documents with assurance against theft, termite, fire, loss, tampering on one hand and quick on-demand retrieval on the other.

The management team at KLEETO (or Next Gen Papers Solutions Pvt. Ltd.) constitutes of seasoned professionals who bring diverse industry experience of over 60 years.

Our Team

The team behind kleeto or Next Gen Papers Solutions Pvt. Ltd. constitutes of seasoned professionals including but not limited to :


Sanjay Dhawan (Director)

A technology veteran and serial entrepreneur, Sanjay is the dea r mentor, guide and leader at kleeto.

Sanjay brings to the table, a rich experience of managing a co mbination of large and small corpo - rations; be it leading a 25 countries and approx 10,000 employee-strong Aricent, founding Inkra Networks a company credited with defining the virtual networking market segment, or leading strategy, development, sales and management at Netopia, StarNet and Advanced Micro Devices (AMD)

Sanjay is a thought-leader in the field of networking on which he has authored several books, holding a masters degree in Electrical Engineering from Brunel University, England, and a BS degree in Electronics and Communications from REC Kurukshetra, India


Sunil Mahajan (Co-Founder and CEO)

Sunil is established as an innovator in technology. Graduate from the elite Indian Institute of Sci - ence, Sunil shows dexterity of mind in leading his projects wi th a zeal and vision going beyond the tangibles

From a purely professional perspective, he is now recognized as an expert at executing multiple business streams for companies including entry into VoIP, IMS a nd Mobile VAS segment, having filed multiple patents under his name at USPTO.

He has shown success in the past in the creation of new product ideas and business streams and has led them to profit - ability being deft in managing end to end product development life cycles, involving conceptualization, feature develop - ment & enhancement and product development having a thorough understanding of product dynamics.


Naresh Chand (Co-Founder and CTO)

Naresh Chand has immense experience in product/project developm ent for Telecom Value Added Service, Data Networking, Telecom Networking, and Network Management domains being previously General Manager of Engineering and Product Management at Comviva Technologies Ltd, Manager Software De - velopment at Cisco Systems among other important roles.

His experience in the VAS industry has earned him special insig hts to align products to consumers’ needs.

His expertise in consumer space is evident by his excellence in managing multiple products and services execution at Comviva.