Kleeto does specialized processing for HR Files, where we categorize, index these files and store in a structure as per discussion with our customers. These records are categorized basis "Active/Inactive", "Location", "Grade", "Department" etc. Files are typically broken down to smaller units like "Pre-Joining Docs", "Previous Employment", "Education Qualification", "Personal Docs", "Performance Docs", "Compensation Docs", "Exit Formalities" etc.

As part of our processing we also generate compliance report on HR files which states which all files are complete as per mandatory documents checklist and which all files are incomplete.

Automated Compliance

Compliance can be generated against a mandatory checklist. This compliance report can be published online for the users.


Customised File View

Information can be stored at document level and the file view can be customised for specific view by the users.


Intelligent Access Control

The structure of the folders can be made in such an intelligent way that the access to view documents can be controlled againt any unauthorised admittance.