• 10 mins read
  • By Adiran Mathew

Role of Document Management in Other Departments

An organization comprises various operational levels and departments. When all these departments come together, they make the very functioning of the organization possible. While these departments have different responsibilities and roles, one of the tasks that is carried out across the entire organization is document management. Document management is not exclusive to HR, Finance, Marketing, Operations or any of the departments, but something that is carried out by each and every employee. Therefore finding effective ways to manage business documents so that they are handy and safe, is essential. Automated workflows, as well, are a necessity to do away with the redundancy of repetitive tasks that might eat up on your employee’s time and efficiency.

Physical/ paper documents do more harm than good. They are difficult to manage, store and discard. They lead to poor productivity and higher costs etc. Therefore adopting a digital document management system for all departments, across the organization should be implemented.

Various services and features offered by a document management company take away the stress from your employees and give them the time and mind space to focus on more important activities.

In the legal department, there is a constant need to check for compliances and the completion status of documents. A document management system can help provide an automated system that checks documents for compliance against a checklist and in case of any incompletion, it can alert the respective departments/employees/entities to complete the files.

Similarly, the customer service department and finance department needs to have digital records of customers and vendors, respectively. These details are extensive and important for a business. Maintaining them on paper is risky as they stand a chance to get misplaced. An intelligent document management software can store all these extensive details and also make them available to anyone in the organization, when required.

All departments require you to sign documents, therefore digital signatures make it convenient for your employees and stakeholders to sign documents online without having to be present anywhere physically.

An intelligent document management solution brings with it various benefits that can help your organization get a competitive edge over its competitors. Kleeto offers end-to-end document management solutions that are intelligent and future-safe only to help your business achieve greater heights.