• 10 mins read
  • By Adiran Mathew

Document Collection Process- Digital/Physical

Document Collection is a part of the document management process that revolves around using digital tools to help manage internal and external documents. From client and stakeholders documents to employee documents, all can be managed and collected through automated processes supported by digital tools that make the process smoother and quicker. Sophisticated document collection tools are designed to streamline the collection process, reduce handling errors and human intervention and increase accuracy, keep your data safe and compliant to the requirements and results in overall increase in efficiency of the organization. It also enables faster turnaround leading to quicker decision making. Standardization of processes takes place which ensures quality of output. Last but not the least, it gives your customers and users a good experience which makes your association longer and stronger.

When carried out physically, document collection may pose various challenges. Paper documents may possibly get damaged easily during transit or storage or may get lost due to mishandling. It is also a more time consuming process that involves higher costs.

Imagine having to chase multiple parties for their signatures and approvals on a given document. When the same can be done through a digital solution. You can get digital signatures from multiple parties in a go without having to worry about your documents landing in the wrong hands. Approvals and feedback can be carried out digitally, all of this while staying compliant. And in case someone misses out, you can even send multiple reminders, digitally, to get the work done. Makes the entire process convenient, streamlined and hassle-free!

With the business landscape being highly dynamic and organizations competing to be the best, efficient use of time, reduction of costs and management of human resource are some of the important factors that can lead to a company’s success. Therefore, using them mindfully is essential.

There are various document collection softwares and tools that are available however, your business requires a solution that can be customized as per your requirements and is capable of being integrated into your current and new systems.

Kleeto is a document management system that provides end-to-end document management solutions that are intelligent and future-safe only to help your business achieve greater heights.