Is managing documents a challenge for your business?

Kleeto is an end-to-end document management solution, that builds smart documents for today's businesses. Get all your documents digitized, without losing data and search them with our smart keyword indexing algorithm.
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Revolutionize the handling of your employees’ critical data with Kleeto’s document management solutions.

Customized Solutions for all your Document Management Needs

Document management is no longer a manual task

Kleeto offers limitless customizable solutions through automation to meet the unique requirements of your enterprise — designed to optimize processes, improve efficiency, and save time.
  • ... Personalized Dashboards with curated workflow
  • ... Automated rule engines as per the compliance
  • ... Unlimited insertions and access-based sharing
  • ... Tailor-made technical solutions

Your centralized repository for documents

Your central repository


Handling Employee files is no longer a hassle!

With Kleeto's customized solutions, simplify employee file management.
  • ... Manage all your employee documents in one place
  • ... Save time in onboarding and offboarding employees
  • ... Verify all the employee documents with one click

Managing finance files is no longer time-consuming!

Utilize Kleeto’s document management solution to manage finance documents for your business effectively.
  • ... Digitize your documents in the smartest way
  • ... Store your physical documents the safest way
  • ... Customize the services for your business needs

Handling Legal documents is no longer challenging!

Using Kleeto makes it simple for you to breeze through complicated legal documents.
  • ... Streamline legal document management
  • ... E-signature for legal agreements
  • ... Manage legal compliance

Kleeto provides the most reliable, secure and controlled means of digitally organising, retrieving, and storing your documents.

Digitize and organize all your documents at one place

Are you exploring for a reliable and secure way to manage your documents? Look no further than Kleeto’s document management solutions. Our safest and most secure software helps you store, organize and access the documents.


Access your documents at one place

Digitized Documentation

Easily digitize all your physical documents with our trusted document management solutions.

Secure Documentation

Easily secure all your legal, financial, and every other important document with QR codes and two-factor authentication.

Centralized Storage

Easily access, manage, and track your documents from one convenient location, saving time and effort.


Finance Files


HR Files


Legal and other
files Processed





Say goodbye to document management
overheads with Kleeto!

Easy Access

Access all your important documents anywhere, anytime with Kleeto.

Track History

With Kleeto’s document management system, you can easily track the history of your documents.

Advanced Search

Kleeto offers powerful search capabilities, allowing you to quickly and easily find the documents you need.

Restrict Access

Kleeto’s document management software gives you complete control over who has access to your documents.

Timely Reminders

Kleeto’s auto-configured software sends timely reminders and notifications to employees regarding their documents.

IP-based Control

Control access to sensitive information with Kleeto's restriction-based permissions feature.

Activity Log

Empower your business with complete transparency and control, through extensive document activity tracking.

Unlimited Insertions

Store/archive every document and share them securely via password-protected or time-bound links at ease.

With Kleeto, you can easily organise
all your documents.

Kleeto streamlines critical document management via automated solutions.

Connect now and start today!

We aim to continuously improve the standard for customer experience by using the internet and technology to make it easier for consumers to search for, access, and streamline document management.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Yes, multiple users can be created at different locations who can access the system from anywhere, anytime.

Yes, digital signatures are possible, and these signatures and legally valid.

Service Provider with NSDL e-Governance Infrastructure Limited is a registered Certifying Authority and one of India's four licensed eSign Service Providers. All our Aadhaar eKYC requests and digital signing-related requests are routed through them (through Leegality). Per the onboarding and authentication guidelines issued by the Controller of Certifying Authorities, Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology, Govt. of India, Application Service Providers such as Kleeto can legally provide the Aadhaar eSign services to the market.