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Document management promoting remote user productivity

In today’s time, employees are checking their emails or taking calls while sitting at their homes, developing reports on the airplane, submitting office documents from different areas. The number of digital nomads is increasing continuously with emerging new technologies. Modern technologies are thus making it easier for people to replicate their office tasks while sitting in the comfort of their homes. While taking meetings or coding from home is convenient, certain aspects aren’t such as keeping the office documents accessible while maintaining their confidentiality and guaranteeing their security. This is where most businesses require Kleeto’s functionalities of document management to create, manage, audit, and retain business documents effectively. Let us understand how.

Companies drive their sales as well as customer service efforts by relying upon remote employees. The document management system promotes excellent access to customers as it reduces the cost of travel expenditures along with the real business state. That is why; the use of a digital document solution makes perfect sense for both the employee as well as the employers.

Purpose of using the document management system for workflow management

The objective of using document management functionality is to discuss critical considerations for a business that requires employees to access documents from remote locations. It is practical to allow the employees to work remotely and flexibly as well. It provides them an excellent opportunity to work from their decided locations with all the necessary data. Document management software makes it possible for the business to hire remote workers for intelligent workflow, visibility, and compliance.

How can Kleeto’s document management system support remote employees?


With the help of electronic document management systems, all business documents can be in one place. Some of the practical benefits of using document management system effectively include:

  • It is efficient for businesses to take advantage of enhanced employee satisfaction, retention, and productivity. The use of a document management system allows employees to work outside or from anywhere across the world.
  • The document management system offers a scalable, fast, and secure network infrastructure for the employees working from their homes. It also helps in minimizing the exposure to the outside world of malware or hackers by limiting entry points.
  • IT departments are still searching for advanced technologies to improve their control as the demand for supporting remote employees is increasing. However, no other system can beat the efficiency provided by a document management system. It incredibly helps in managing the flow of information from offsite resources.
  • features of a document management system, provides an efficient and quick means to look up account information. One can also look up the critical documents uploaded in seconds with the proper use of a document management system.
  • You can store corporate records in the electronic information management system, which offers multiple benefits. It supports both IT functions as well as management services within any business or organization.
  • Fast searching of the file content, routing documents, record management capabilities, approval, etc becomes easier.

  • Critical considerations related to document management system include:

  • Standardization of documents
  • Centralization of documents
  • Roles of remote workers
  • Customer document portal
  • A document management system helps in providing real-time updates by assisting the managers in identifying bottlenecks. It allows the company associates to follow up with their employees located in any area, country, or even world. The advanced technology makes it suitable plus easier for the companies to accommodate the remote workforce.

    Sometimes, you are not sure whether it is safe to permit employees to work from anywhere across the globe to access information.With Kleeto's document management system, organizations can improve their data security compliance. The system is useful to track every single movement within the process of workflow. Thus, managers are capable of accessing an entire audit trail, which shows who opens a document and when it was obtained. Even the managers of the company can control permissions for the individual employees by using the document management system.

    An intelligent automated workflow helps the business to keep the essential process and procedures consistent. Without manual intervention, everything can be handled smoothly as well as individually with the help of a document management system. When the working process gets automated, it enables remote employees to focus on authorized projects or tasks.

    An electronic document system can handle all these processing of your documents while maintaining the safety of your data

    Best provisions to secure documents in an electronic document management system

    Some of the reasons given below help you in investing in Kleeto’s automated document management system . We help you in maintaining and securing whole record files of the workplace with properly maintained timings. Some of the reasons have given below: