• 10 mins read
  • By Adiran Mathew

Role of Document Management in HR

HR Department is a crucial part of a company as it manages the people, the most important resource, the very heart of a company. With managing thousands of employees comes managing lacs of their documents, their appointment letters, performance management reports, compliance documents etc. Managing these documents & information through traditional ways (physical storage) not only brings down the efficiency but also adds to the cost and time-wasted at work.

Therefore, going paperless is not only a smart option but an essential one. With the digital revolution, one can have smart solutions at their fingertips for the greatest of problems.

For HR departments, particularly, an intelligent document management solution or more specifically an employee file management solution, enables the search, storage & management of employee data in a more organized and efficient way, fulfilling compliance requirements at the same time.

Such a system allows easy search and smoothens the workflow of business enabling quick decision making.
It centralizes and streamlines information and provides the management as well as the employees access to relevant information, anywhere, anytime. Bringing together all the data also enables the HR department to take important decisions. For e.g. if an employee/group of employees are inconsistent with their attendance, the metrics/patterns will show and relevant action can be taken. This helps in timely control saving future costs.
A smart document management solution can keep a track of all the documents they have and/or are missing or may be outdated. An intelligent employee file management system solution will perform automated document compliance checks and will generate reports. It can also notify an employee about missing documents from an employee’s files.

Document Management, today, is a highly essential task for corporates. Not just cost-saving, an efficient document management solution allows efficient working, quick decision making, quality control and other important elements that may affect the business in the future.


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