• 10 mins read
  • By Adiran Mathew

Document (Auto) Verification & (Auto) Validation

Document Verification & Validation are two independent procedures that are used collectively to check whether a document meets requirements and specifications and that it fulfills the intended purpose. Process also checks whether document is original or fake.

Business departments deal with thousands of documents on a daily basis. From HR to Admin, and Accounts to Finance, every department requires documents to meet a set standard in order to establish procedures and meet requirements which may be legal, statutory or organizational.

When we talk about the HR department and processes, one of the most important steps they take in order to verify new recruits is the background checks on them. Companies are increasingly carrying our background verification checks on employees in order to verify their claims and documents presented. This is done in order to eliminate any risk that may be posed by any employee to the company or its interests. This background check covers various fields like work/education history, medical history, criminal record, credit history etc.

Companies usually assign this task to an in-house team or hire a BGV agency. However, Kleeto provides you with a simplified solution to carry out this process without any extra costs or efforts, through its platform. Kleeto recognizes how essential it is to generate secure and verified document therefore it brings to you, its QR Code Encryption verification.

This feature allows encrypted QR code generation for documents which are handed over to employees and requires verification in future through the next employer. Encrypted QR code can be verified by the next employer by themselves without sending documents to the company for verification. This saves cost at multiple levels. Encrypted QR code can't be copied and cannot be manipulated as well. It is completely safe from tampering.

Kleeto aims to provide intelligent document management solutions that build smart documents for today’s businesses.