• 10 mins read
  • By Adiran Mathew

HR Processes- Can be fully digital?

In the era of automated workflows and digital functions and tools, some organizations are still stuck with manual processes. COVID struck the world and made businesses realize that their management was not pandemic-proof. The WFH culture introduced us to the new normal and our dependency on physical documents almost affected us adversely. However, this taught us about various new and improved ways of carrying out business functions, one of them being automation and digitization of business processes like employee lifecycle.

From the time of entering and organization to exiting it, previously, most of the functions were carried out manually. Paper work, physical screening, physical signatures, file updating and insertions etc., was all done by HR personnel for every employee which was not only time consuming but also redundant and monotonous. While some other tasks definitely required human intervention as these were background checks, compliance checks, candidate screening etc.

But what if we told you, the entire process of onboarding, rather employee lifecycle, could be digitized?

Some apprehensions may arise with turning the onboarding, employee lifecycle management and offboarding process turning fully digital like identity theft, ineffective and unsystematic data, system inefficiency in consolidating task etc. but all of these worries can be solved with just one effective solution- Kleeto.

3. Document Consumption – Document consumption is a stage where documents and / or content of documents is consumed for various tasks in business operations. E.g. invoices processes by payable system or documents consumed by ERP system or documents consumed by BGV (background verification companies) companies for background checks. Kleeto has tools and integration capabilities to ensure documents are collected or generated and then moved to right system for consumption.

Kleeto is the first ever platform that maintains all employee files digitally from day one. It offers a host of services that cover all processes and steps under the onboarding and offboarding stage as well as the time that the employee spends working in the organization.

Some of the services provided by Kleeto to support the digitization of employee files are-

1.Physical and digital document storage and processing which includes- document collection, generation, distribution, archiving and storage.

2.Resume parsing that enables pre-filling of candidate forms.

3.Employee code generation and encryption to enable BGV checks and easy document access for the next employer.

4.Digital signature to sign legal and statutory forms digitally.

5.Digital document updated versions sharing to enable collaboration.

6.Digital document tagging, tracking and search.

6.Online compliance status with reminders for incomplete files.

7.Digital dashboard to enable comprehensive management of employee files.

Kleeto is an end-to-end document management solution that enables intelligent and future-safe digital document management tools and processes along with physical document storage and processing.