• 10 mins read
  • By Adiran Mathew

Are Digital Documents Safe to Use?

Is your organization still managing documents in cabinets and cupboard shelves? How long do you think can your company bear the cost, effort and time that goes into maintaining physical documents? Therefore, document digitization is essential not only to save costs but also for a healthy maintenance and workflow of documents.

Document digitization is not a new phenomenon but is definitely catching pace in the prevailing business environment. Remote work has gained prominence and people now want to access documents sitting in any corner of the world. But one cannot and should not compromise on the security of their documents. Therefore, the question arises- Are Digital Documents Safe?

With numerous advantages that digital documents have to offer in terms of cost saving, higher employee productivity, ease in access of documents, improve compliance etc., it is also important to consider how safe and reliable the software and technology is that we decide to use for our documents.

First of all, documents stored digitally are safe from damage caused by natural/man-made hazards. Storing data in paper-form is highly risky as one calamity can wash down years of data in a second. Paper is fragile and easily damaged. Water, fire, high temperature or any extreme condition can quickly ruin paper and in most cases there is no way to recover this loss.

However, when you are storing documents digitally, it enables you to keep multiple backups and protect your data from any unforeseen mishaps. Since digital data takes such little space without spending soaring high amounts, you can create multiple backups at multiple locations and in case of loss at any one place, your data will still be safe. Business documents consist of all types of data- generic & confidential. Your organization’s confidential data and its safety should be the top most priority and under no circumstance should it be compromised. Such sensitive data can be stored in safe files that do not allow tampering or manipulation of any kind. Any reputable document management/storage company provides you with world class security which is less expensive as they specialize in managing documents. Outsourcing your document management and storage may give rise to doubts on the tampering and manipulation of documents but good document manage companies are certified by various authorities that can give you a sense of reliability. Moreover, these companies provide you with advanced tools and services like encrypted documents, restricted access, partial view, activity log and more that makes it easier for your organization to keep a track of your documents and their whereabouts. Digital documents should be preferred as they do not only provide safety of documents at rest but also while travelling. Storing documents digitally prevents the loss of documents in transit or travel and makes them accessible in a single click. One does not have to worry about keeping a bunch of files secured and can reach these files with a single click.

Kleeto is the answer to all your document management worries, solved in one place. Our future-safe and intelligent document management solutions bring to you smart features that manage your physical and digital documents and make your work-life easier.

Kleeto delivers its services from the very first point by offering pickup (and delivery) services of your physical documents and storing them in a highly protected warehouse which is fire-safe, moisture-safe,dust-free and keeps your physical documents away from any possible hazard.

Physical files are then converted to digital ones and segregated and indexed as per the SOP structure.

With Kleeto,​ digital content is securely backed up on a daily & weekly basis to avoid any loss of information or documents. Organizations do not deal with documents only internally, but also externally. There are various stakeholders, vendors, auditors and other varied users of documents that an organization produces. Kleeto enables safe sharing of documents with restricted and time-bound access.

Temporary document sharing makes it possible for you to share documents on a time-restricted basis with people inside and outside the organization. Document access can be controlled on a file, folder or hierarchical level with respect to time, IP Address, role etc. The system also protects your documents with strong passwords to keep your documents safe from any data breach or hacking.

One can also check the activity log of a particular document on the system. You can see who accessed, updated, used or removed documents.

Other unique features like digital signatures that allows you to safely sign documents online and QR code encryption that provides employee information to the next employer on scanning of a pre-approved QR code, is what makes Kleeto a safe and reliable option to use