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  • By Adiran Mathew

Manage loss of files and redundancy: Go with the document management system

Handling the legal or the HR department comes with a lot of responsibilities. For starters, managing and protecting the documents becomes your primary concern. Businesses all over the world spend countless hours on saving their data from piracy and avoid duplication of their data. On an average, companies experience a 21.3% loss in productivity due to mismanaged documents. Moreover, losing important documents comes with a lot of difficulties, the major concern being the loss of your data or the coming threats due to its possible leak. Hence, using a third-party business process management has become the need of the hour to cut down the challenges faced during file maintenance and handling.

With the increasing digitalization, Kleeto has made several business process management tools available in the market. Kleeto as a third-party software helps you with shuffling the paperwork and monitoring every process significantly, which helps in securing the data within the files further protecting them against all threats.

Why is workflow management needed?

A document is a single file or conceptual entity having a purpose of creation. Files may contain useful reports, but they do not get used to store data, which is not a document. It is very rare to find a single file that contains more than one document. Almost 92% of workers have acknowledgment about collaborating files using a document management system.


Imagine a fine diner that serves hundreds of main courses. You would want to look at the delicacies and choose the best meal for you. But you also don’t want to risk your health by ordering something uneasy for your stomach. Rather than taking hours to read each one of them, you will just look at the specials or ask the waiter for the best supplement and place an order.

Now, try to substitute the specials/waiter with workflow management. Rather than wasting hours on choosing the best alternative for you, you abide by the workflow management and spend the remaining hours enjoying your work, and not stressing about the aftermath of your documents.

Thus, the objective of the document management system is to help find out the records quickly regardless of its format. According to a conducted study, HR spends more than half of his working hours searching for the correct information.

Benefits of using Kleeto’s document management system for file management

  • Get a well-designed filing system
  • By considering a document management system, you can make filing becomes less tricky. Retrieving, managing and forwarding your data becomes easier. You become capable of getting clear and straightforward file categories by managing files through the electronic system information management.

  • Higher business productivity
  • The document management system helps employees’ achieve their targets and reduces costs associated with inadequate procedures as it relieves them from the stress of document handling. With the changing conditions due to the epidemic, the business owners want a system that lets them access their files remotely.

  • Developing a logical plan
  • Undoubtedly, a filing system establishes through a basic file plan. Planning is vital as it monitors control, direction, and ensures that everyone is effectively involved. The team members get an understanding of guidelines and identify the elements of the project by considering the file management that the system has to offer. The mere installation of a system information management can reduce the loss of business files to 80%.

    How can our document management system prevent the loss of business files?

  • A dedicated storage space to store your physical documents. This place is extra protected, fully secured and comes with limited access to prevent any damage to the documents.
  • Every paper that your company’s vault possesses is digitized and converted into a soft copy to make them easily accessible. With unique encrypted keys for the dignified members, each document can only be accessed if you have the permission to do so. Saves the threat of information leak.
  • Putting a document management system controls how files get processed, which allows you plus your staff to see where each file exactly is.
  • The document management system ensures that files never get lost even while shuffling. It allows business staff to be proactive when it comes to handling and eliminating errors during the process.