• 10 mins read
  • By Adiran Mathew

Instant Background Check – Previous Employer

Businesses today are fast-paced and decisions are taken in split seconds, however, there are still certain processes that may take days to fetch results. One such process is the background verification checks for the previous employer for every new employee,which usually takes 4-5 days and sometimes, more than that. The reasons for the same are well known – multiple dependencies!

This process requires an employee (new joiner) to submit the previous employment letter which is typically an experience certificate or a relieving letter issued by the previous employer. New employer typically does not trust these documents since both physical and digital copies can be faked and hence these documents are given to a background verification partner or agency for verification which in turn sends the document back to the previous employer to verify the same. This defeats the whole purpose of issuing a letter as there is no trust built into it and also the process of this check takes 4-5 days for an agency to confirm whether details in the letter are real or fake.

In a pure business context - Information is nothing but data presented in a structured manner and a digital document is nothing but information presented in a structured manner along with the context of the information.

Are there no quick solutions to this problem?

Even with the fastest means of communication (internet / email), this process has People Dependencies – actual verification at the previous employer level is done by the HR team and hence the dependency and since the priority of this process is not very high, it will be executed only when concerned HR Team has time for it. So, this may take a few reminders or follow up emails by the agency to get the final output.

Besides this there are other big issues associated with the process – the previous employer typically does not even know whether the employee whose details are getting verified is involved in the process or is it solicited by somebody without the employee authorizing them. With the current process, this can’t be solved. Even in scenarios where a new employer or a BGV agency has taken authorization from the employee for verification, it is done primarily for privacy or disclosure sake and this authorization is not shared with the previous employer. Even if this is shared then the previous employer still can’t verify whether the signature is real or fake which makes it a circular problem.

We, at Kleeto, have been working on solving this problem – basically automating the solution and hence removing the dependency on people for this process – letting the machines handle the process!

There are 2 solutions we have built to solve the problem,
  • Solution-1: This covers all the documents which are issued after the solution is deployed - The solution is deployed at the previous employer level. Whenever a document is issued,a self-verification process built into the document enables the new employer to self-verify the document and eliminates the need to send the document to BGV or the previous employer (saving money and efforts at multiple levels and enabling almost instant verification).

This solution is optional and companies can deploy Solution-2 only to cover all scenarios

  • Solution-2: This covers all the documents which are issued before the solution-1 is deployed - This solution is also deployed at the previous employer’s level and allows any ex-employee or agency to request experience certificate or other such letters to be issued on request for verification purposes and all such requests are mandatorily authorized by ex-employee through an online process.

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