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Do you find it difficult to manage and find your documents in time? Leave your paper worries with kleeto - we secure, digitize and make all your documents accessible online through secure centralized access.


kleeto places utmost premium on security of your documents. Your documents are constantly exposed to the various risks arising out of theft, fire, loss, memory, termites, dust, moisture and even kids at home, you can be rest assured at kleeto with the promise of multiple level access control. Your confidence may be compromised if document is kept at home, your document will be “for your eyes only” (and not even ours) when it is with us.


With kleeto, you will not have to search in vain for a document anymore; just remembering your password will do. We pick up the documents from your home, index them for you, store them for you, scan them for you, retrieve them for you and deliver them to you whenever and wherever you need them. Moreover, transferring documents from one person/generation to the other, simply means passing on a password. Simple, no?


With kleeto, all your documents are accessible anytime and virtually anywhere. Sharing documents can be done electronically; no need for photocopying or couriering anymore. Searching docs becomes a matter of seconds thanks to painstaking indexing, saving your precious time. Smartness translates to access with single view rather than running to different lockers/closets to just have a look at something as essential as your own documents.

For sales and more information mail us at or just call at :1-800-419-0568

Client Testimonial

  • I would like all my key documents to be in one place where it is easy retrieved and also easily available if I want it to be delivered to the place I want. I would like to recommend this to my friends and family also.

    K Krishnan
  • I am looking forward to using kleeto as I have been looking for an online repository for storing and organizing documents. kleeto should solve my problems archiving, storing and fast retrieval and anytime access from anywhere in one go.
    Vivek Joshi
  • It is been a wonderful experience so far as a trial user. This kind of service should have come much much before. Let me gear up and keep all my documents in safe and easy retrieval place.
  • I was waiting for such a beautiful service where I can preserve my precious photos as those were starting to fade. This service is awesome!!! Keep innovating, kleeto team.
    Shalini Bansal
  • I am looking forward to use services offered by kleeto to ensure that the documents are in safe custody with proper security features and can be made available to me anywhere & at any point of time.
    Vikas Dua
  • Pretty useful service. I liked the ease of operation. The support team is efficient and responsive. Looking forward to the commercial launch to make a full use of the service.
    Gulshan Kumar
  • Managing the many paper documents I have is a pain and I had wanted to store them in digitized form for quite some time now. When I started using keeto, I just had to put paper into an envelope and in a few days, almost magically, I had access to the...
    Arun Tanksali
  • I find kleeto an extremely useful service as I can share and access the copy of those papers, both in digital format or in some cases, even the original papers and what more, its automatically indexed too! I have even created multiple folders in my...
    Sathyavageeswaran R
  • As a small 15 person company we find it very difficult to manage the volume of paper that a business generates. In the past box-files of papers would be stored in every nook and cranny in our office. Finding a document would involve unproductive...
    Anirban Bhaumik - Aspirtek Technology Pvt Ltd.
  • We are satisfied with your service and rated as excellent service.
    Laiju - Restolex Coir Products Pvt. Ltd.
  • Well although I am associated with kleeto from last few months only, but I was always wondering to find such platform where I can store my credentialsall together and finally the concept of kleeto has provided me a wonderful solution to manage...
    Nitin Sharma

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