Kleeto is the first and only company to support complete digital employee file generation system.


Digitize your documents and organize them online in a way which makes storing, searching and retrieval a handy process.


Document imaging

Digitize your documents in a super professional way without the loss of any data.


Index documents in a structured format to ease out the search and retrieval process.

Document tagging

Tag documents with relevant static and dynamic information giving them their unique set of identification.

Flexible customisation

Customize documents as per business needs, offering tailor-made solutions.


Integrate all your documents on a safe platform that enables linkages, interchangeable usage and collaboration convenient and faster


SOAP/XML Web Services

Document integration becomes easier with our SOAP/XML web services that offers a single protocol for different programs in different languages to interact comfortably.

Data Transfer APIs

Get the compliance status of important documents at the tip of your fingertips


Automate your documents to set processes like document validation, document reminder, and email management in a seamless manner.


Document Validation

Automatically Verify and validate all your documents against the widest global data offering comprehensive matches.

Compliance Status

Get the compliance status of important documents at the tip of your fingertips

Document Reminder Service

Receive notifications and alerts as and when required to keep a check on them.

Email Management

Segment and route emails to selected folders, without any human intervention


Managing Documents in a structured format has never been easier! Get control of managing your documents with the help of our various system features.



Receive a summary of all information in a visually enticing manner on your dashboard.

Stack support

Our system offers stack support to ensure a holistic helping hand as and when required

Document inventory report

Get detailed version of all document inventory needs, with a click of a mouse.


Manage and search any piece of information, data or document in a hassle-free manner


Enjoy the comfort of collaborating your documents in a secured and protected way with the help of Kleeto’s Document management system.


Anytime, anywhere accessibility

Get the ease of accessing any document anytime, anywhere in a secured way with the help of personal login.

Access control (Timebased, IP Based)

Access control over the documents in a time based or IP based manner for complete protection.