Super Secure

kleeto secures your paper physically in highly secured storage with multiple levels of controlled access saving you from theft, loss, termite, dust, moisture or even kids.

Anytime Access

You can access your document anytime and from virtually anywhere. You don’t need to visit bank. All documents are visible in a single view and are searchable.

Anywhere Access

You can access your document from anywhere in the world. No need to visit your bank locker or go back home to pickup documents – simply log in and access your own records at your convenience.

A Call Away

kleeto promises you of not only delivering your documents on-demand but also picking them up from your doorstep saving your petrol and botheration. Just give us a call or put a request on the website

No More Spoiled Documents

Whereas bank lockers give you limited space forcing you to fold important documents, kleeto has the facilities to store a document of any size with guarantee against spoilage.

Secure Access

Under no circumstances will we let the confidence of your documents be compromised. Scanning is done so that not even the person who’s scanning it knows the contents of the document and no access is given without your explicit approval.

Multiple Backups

Each piece of data is secured with multiple backups saving you against the risk of disk crashing, security compromise or PC going bad.

Easy Sharing

You no longer need to get your selected documents photocopied or couriered to share; simply share them electronically – either by mailing these or allowing views on a temporary basis.

Quick Retrieval

All documents are indexed electronically, rendering search for any document a matter of seconds. Type any keyword you feel the document should have and before you know it the document pops up.

Misplacing - No More

kleeto eliminates the heightened risk of losing your documents if and when you move houses (a rather frequent activity in cosmopolitan cities these days).

Centralized Single View

With our sworn agenda of keeping things simple, we display all your documents at one place in a single view so you don’t get hassled looking for anything.

Clutter Free

A whole genre of websites is dedicated to keeping your life clutter-free. We don’t talk, just simply do it – entrust your papers to us and enjoy a clutter-free life.

Easy Handover Legacy

After you leave – keep a simple handover process to leave your legacy with your nominee.

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