At this time, when governments and economists are calling for the entrepreneurial spirits and environment activists are talking about the urgency to make the world go more green, Kleeto feels proud of it’s initiative to achieve both.

AUG 2010 Incorporation JAN 2011 Launched B2C Services MARCH 2014 Focused SME Enterprise MARCH 2017 International Customers MARCH 2015 ISMS Certification

Nurturing a greener planet (by reducing paper usage drastically) while boosting the economy and employment (through its entrepreneurial ethos), Kleeto’s safe and efficient solutions, backed by a winning business model helps organization to move from Clipping to Clicking.




Founding Member / Investor
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Sanjay Dhawan, Founding Member / Investor

Currently, President & CEO of Cerence. A technology veteran and serial entrepreneur, Sanjay is responsible for the day-to-day operations of Cerence Inc. business as well as its overall financial performance. He was President of Harman Connected Services and Harman CTO. He was President & CEO of Symphony Teleca, which was acquired by Harman. Prior to this, he was President & COO of Aricent, a KKR-owned company where he managed global operations.

Sunil Mahajan

Sunil Mahajan

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Sunil Mahajan, CEO

Sunil is established as an innovator in technology. Graduate from the elite Indian Institute of Science, Sunil shows dexterity of mind in leading his projects with a zeal and vision going beyond the tangibles From a purely professional perspective, he is now recognised as an expert at executing multiple business streams for companies.

Naresh Bansal

Naresh Bansal

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Naresh Bansal, CTO

Naresh Chand has immense experience in product/project development for Telecom VAS, Data Networking, Telecom Networking, and Network Management domains being previously General Manager of Engineering and Product Management at Comviva Technologies Ltd, Manager Software Development at Cisco Systems among other important roles

Rajeev Jamwal

Rajeev Jamwal

VP Sales
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Rajeev Jamwal, VP Sales

Rajeev has over 20 years of rich experience in building relationships, business solutions, developing & leading key sales and account management across varied industries including document management solution, hotel sales, internet sales, Image Licensing.


Aniket Shrivastava

IT Head
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Aniket Shrivatava, IT Head

Aniket has more than 10 years of experience in IT and software development space – highly skilled with web technologies and worked on good number internet portal with complex backend. Before joining Kleeto almost 1.5 years back, Aniket has worked with companies like Berkshire, Grey Coconut Designs and VAB Technologies

Manoj sharma

Manoj Sharma

Head Operations
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Manoj Sharma, Head Operations

Manoj has a extensive experience in operations domain with expertise of leadership, Data Analysis/Interpretation and Process Management. He started his career at CitiFinancial over there performed in various leadership roles in operations department for more than 12 years, he has awarded as a best performer for year 2007

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